my role as a progressive contemporary artist


As a young artist, interpreting subjects for not only what they mean but for how they feel like is something that comes naturally, this energy is what I hope to capture in all my works as I study art in school at the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design.

I have experience in commision work from painting and drawing to sculpture, video, logo and communication design.



To be an artist means much more to me than just to be visually influencing. Whether it's drawing, painting, poetry, video, or sculpture, I enjoy challenging myself to not be limited by the confines of a specific medium.



As a college student, my time on this planet has been relatively brief. I hope to find more inspiration in the endless amount of curious subjects in my life. I can only hope those that experience my art can also feel moved and compelled to see things from a new perspective. 

Recent Experiments and Artwork Below

“mind in a vase”
experimental film. rotoscope. 1 min.

a recent project using rotoscope technique in a different way. music video? •
MUSIC: World Wing (Blackbird Blackbird Remix) by Yoke Lore, Blackbird Blackbird.

Artistic Review by an Art Historian.


Lily Lacy-Hastings, Art Review from the U.K.

An enigmatic stranger. A detached beauty. A striking poise. Teal blue fades to terracotta, flows into lilac in the gentle waves of ombré hair. She pauses, a model of self-assurance in her silent serenity. The artist watches, takes note. 

Jimmy Cobb observes the world, absorbs the backdrop of Muskegon, Michigan, the landscape of his childhood. Intrigued, captivated, he seeks out and searches for the answers in a complicated, ever-changing world. He questions, challenges accepted realities, draws upon abstract concepts of poetry and philosophy, and channels them through his art.

He captures man's futile attempt to conquer time with a touch of the surrealist. He dissects a human face from the angle of a cubist. He draws inspiration from the old and reclaims it. This young artist, this creative mind has taken his unique voice to the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design looking to be guided and inspired. Follow his artistic hand and watch this space. 

Four Corners Cafe Mural

60x15' wall painted at the Four Corners Cafe in North Muskegon, MI.

I am currently accepting commissions to paint murals!

Inquiries and Commissions Welcome!

Contact me if you have any questions or commisions. Email works best.

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